Gant’s Five Favorite Things!


Happy Tuesday everyone! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping…

Well, almost. Over the on the East Coast, we had one more snow storm that hit Maine and Massachusetts, but that didn’t stop those Boston Red Sox from playing their first game!

And, my dog could not be happier. Goodbye to the days where it takes me 20 minutes to put on eight layers of clothing, only for him to take one look outside and head back to the couch. Now, I can easily put on some flip flops and throw the ball on the freshly cut grassy lawns.

So, in honor of Spring, here are a few of Gant’s favorite things!

  1. Food: Goose and Gander, St. Helena, CA
    Walking your dog around town and want to stop for lunch? Look no further than the Goose and Gander. Their cute patio is dog-friendly. They’ll even give Fido a piece of bacon! For humans, order the bone marrow and corn fritter appetizers, and save the bone for later (be sure to watch your dog while they chew it). While I would usually say go for a nice glass of California Cabernet, try one of their signature cocktails. After all, you’ll be doing plenty of wine tasting later.
  2. Toy: LED Light Up Bouncy Ball, Amazon
    Like my dog, does yours get distracted by shiny objects? Look no further than this fun ball toy! Lights up when you shake, bounce, or throw it! Comes in a variety of different colors. Bonus: It’s durable enough to last more than one play session.
  3. Social Media:
    I can’t enough of the adorable photos of Kiko, Watson, and their other furry friends. If only I could get my dog to pose this well!
  4. Rescue: Companion Pet Rescue
    I was involved with them for over a year. I am so impressed with their dedication to finding these deserving dogs their “fur”ever homes! The photo above is one I took of a past adoptable dog! I encourage you to get involved with your local rescue! 
  5. Apparel: Lucy & Co Bandana
    Get your dog ready for Spring with a stylish bandana. I especially like the Moose Bandana!

That’s it for this week! Please sound off in the comments YOUR favorite things!

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