Fall Winter Coats Perfect For Dog Walking

I apologize, readers! It has been a while since my last post (July, to be exact). I was in California for the summer, focusing on work, lots of family gatherings, and side trips here and there.

BUT, summer is over. Goodbye sandals, hello boots! Boarding school just started a couple of weeks ago, so my teacher husband has been busy making lesson plans, coaching cross country, and scheduling meetings.

Fall is also the best time of the year in CT, in my opinion! The leaves are changing, the weather is not too hot, not too cool, the humidity is gone…plus, it’s apple picking time! Which means it’s time for freshly baked apple pies!

It’s also the best weather for dog walking. There are so many trails you and your dog can explore. Now, you just need the perfect coat! I don’t know about you, but I’m always carrying a ton of stuff while I’m out with the dog: treats, water, a drinking bowl, my phone, a ball…you name it. So, it’s essential I have a coat that can hold all of this stuff, so my hands are free to walk the dog and take way too many photos of him playing in the leaves.

After spending some time searching the Internet and shopping malls, I’ve found the perfect coats that work for you AND your dog. Whether you’re hiking, grabbing a quick bite downtown, or just doing a short walk, you’ll have the perfect coat to do it in.

1. For the everyday: JCREW $168.00 – JCREW.COM This jacket is lightweight, which you want when you’re building up a sweat, tons of pockets, and has a hood in case it rains. Oh, and it’s very stylish. Pair it with patterned yoga pants for a fashionable workout look.



2. For the runner/hiker/anything outdoors: THE NORTHFACE $299.99 – Rei.com  This two-in-one jacket is perfect for cold days and when you just need to throw on a light jacket. Want a lot of pockets? Use the outer shell? Just carrying a water bottle? Use the inner shell.



3.  For any place that has insects (like CT): Travel Smith: travelsmith.com $89.00 This jacket has the on-trend Adorondaks fashion but the functionality to beat insects, plus plenty of pockets, including two interior ones for storing valuable items.


4. For the fashionista: Zara: Zara.com $169.00 The pop of color with the classic trench style is a winner. You’ll look like a million bucks taking selfies with your dog! Plus, it’s water resistant! Bonus!



5. For the budget-friendly: Forever21 forever21.com $21.00 What I love about this coat is it’s so reasonable but it LOOKS more expensive. The classic cut and color make this a staple piece. Perfect for short walks or hikes.



Any coats you like? Sound off in the comments below!

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