DIY Dog Tank

Yesterday, I was browsing Facebook (for the billionth time…I find myself way too addicted), and saw a “Nifty” video for a DIY Dog Toy. The video showed how you could make a toy out of old t-shirts and a tennis ball. I’m not usually a DIY person, as I feel I don’t have the time nor patience to follow through with a project, but this one didn’t seem so hard.

Then I got to thinking, what else would be fun (and easy!) for me to create?

What you'll need for this project!
What you’ll need for this project!

I realized I had some leftover iron-on transfers for awhile back, and decided to design a t-shirt with my dog’s silhouette on it. I choseĀ a dark tank top, since my iron transfers are for dark clothing. You can buy iron transfers for light and dark clothing here and here. Unfortunately, these iron-on transfers only work with Inkjet Printers. I use Epson Artisan 1430 for all my printing (see photo below).



*Update: After doing all of the instructions below, I realized there were a few things I should have done beforehand. Read my notes in the instructions.

Here are the instructions:

You will need:

1 Pair of scissors
1 Package of Dark or Light T-Shirt Transfers (You can buy them at Target, Michael’s, or through Avery. I used Target’s brand)
1 Iron
1 Dark or Light T-Shirt. Be sure to get the correct transfer paper!
1 Pillow case
Non-porous or heat safe surface. Do not use an ironing board!
2 pieces of plain computer paper
Computer – I used a photo of my dog and manipulated it so it was a silhouette. You can use any image you’d like for this.
Inkjet Printer

How to:

  1. Find a dark or light colored t-shirt/tank top/sweatshirt/etc. that you want to use. Make sure you wash it BEFORE you start. NOTE: As you can see in the photo, the image has a mark across it. There is a stitched line along the back of the tank top, and it came through the image. I would recommend putting something inside the shirt before ironing to avoid this problem.
  2. Find an image of a dog. You can search for “Boston Terrier silhouette” or your dog’s breed in Google to find an image if you are not Photoshop saavy.
  3. Put a couple pieces of blank paper in your printer. Print out the image, cut it out, and place on the t-shirt. This will help you determine how it will look on your shirt. Play with the size and color to ensure you get the right look.
  4. Once you have the desired image, place ONE piece of dark or light transfer paper in your printer. Once printed, set aside and let image dry for at least 30 minutes.
  5. Cut out design. Trim your image as close to the edge of your printed design as possible. Any border will be white on your fabric.
  6. Heat iron to cotton setting for 100% cotton fabrics or blend setting for cotton/poly blend fabrics. Do not use the steam setting.
  7. Place pillow case on a heat safe and non porous surface. Lay your t-shirt on top of pillow case and smooth it with your hands to make sure the area is wrinkle-free.
  8. Carefully place printed transfer on fabric with design/image facing upwards in desired position.
  9. Take out a sheet of the enclosed overlay paper from the iron-on transfer package and place on top of image. Make sure to completely cover transfer. Note: You can use the overlay paper more than once, so don’t throw it away!
  10. Carefully take the iron and cover image in a straight, non-stop, top to bottom and side to side motion. You should only have the iron for 2 minutes at the most. Refer to the instructions for specific times. NOTE: In my case, I had to let it cool completely and then re-iron it a couple of times, because the image wasn’t fully on the garment.
  11. Allow your clothing to cool completely. Then carefully peel away the overlay paper. If any part of the image did not adhere, you can cover it with the overlay paper again and iron over it once more.

* Wait at least 24 hours before washing or wearing your clothing. Please refer to specific directions from package*

If you want the Boston Terrier Silhouette that I designed, comment below with your email address, and I will send it to you!



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