Best Friends for Life Animal Rescue: Kira and RD

I have been meaning to post this a while back, but time got away from me. However, I realized that it’s never too late to post about two wonderful dogs who are still up for adoption.

Event at Petco in Southington
Event at Petco in Southington

About a month ago, Best Friends for Life Animal Rescue (who I have mentioned in this previous post) had another event in the Petco parking lot in Southington, CT. At a previous event, Marina, the organizer, brought 5 dogs for adoption. This time, there were at least 15 different dogs.

Of course, the puppies got adopted that day, but the older dogs were still left behind. In addition to helping her out with the photography, I walked the dogs around the shopping center, so they could get some exercise and have a chance to meet prospective families in person.

Two dogs that stood out to me were RD and Kira.

RD, a 4 y/o Rottweiler & German Shepherd Mix
RD, a 4 y/o Rottweiler & German Shepherd Mix

As I mentioned in my previous post before, all of the dogs are in foster homes, which gives them a good home until they find their forever place. RD is fostered by Marina and her husband, and has been for quite sometime.

He is a large dog, weighing in at 95 pounds, but it’s all love. He is sweet, calm, and just wants to cuddle with you while watching TV.

RD's beautiful face
RD’s beautiful face

Most of the time, families want a cute little puppy (I am guilty of this), because they are so small and adorable. However, unless you have had experience with them, they are so much work. When we brought Gant home, we had absolutely no idea how difficult and demanding he would be. It was so stressful.

With a older dog, what you see is what you get. Their personalities have already developed, and they are past the puppy stage. Plus, you are giving them a great home to enjoy for the rest of their years.

Kira, an 11 month old Welsh Corgi & Husky Mix

Kira, on the other hand, is still a puppy, but is past the stage where she has to go out every two hours and in the middle of the night.

She is highly energetic, and needs a ton of exercise, but she is always excited to meet you and just wants to be loved. She does pull on the leash, but that can be fixed with a little bit of time and training.

Kira up close
Kira up close

While I am so happy we got Gant as a puppy, and got to watch him grow, I think the next dog will be an older one. It was a great learning experience for us to see what it takes to have a puppy, but you should also consider adopting an older dog. Like I said before, they are full-grown (so you know their weight already), have developed personalities, and you don’t have to deal with the stress of the puppy stage!

To view Kira and RD’s profile (and other wonderful pets they have!), click here. 


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