Awesome Finds for the Beagle Lover

Ever since we brought Gant into our lives, I have become obsessed with finding Boston Terrier themed clothing, accessories, prints…anything that has the likeness of my little guy. So much that it has me pulling out my credit card before I can reason with myself (“I already have 5 cosmetic bags, do I really need six?”).

While us dog lovers have a soft spot for ALL dogs, we tend to favor a certain breed.

So, this week we will feature one of the most popular breeds: The Beagle.

This cute, furry brown and white dog is not too big, not too small (weighing around 20-24 pounds), and has an irresistible face. It even won best in show in 2015. 

They’re also incredibly kid-friendly, affectionate, intelligent, and easy to groom.

Here are some awesome items to express your undying love for this cute breed!

  1. Beagle Mug, $15-$18 (Depending on size) 
  2. Love is a four-legged word Art Print, 11 X 14 $10.00 
  3. Beagle Cosmetic Kit, $15-$42 depending on size 
  4. Beagle Custom Cookie Cutters, $11.92 and up, depending on size
  5. Beagle Cookie/Treat Jar, $12.72

What are your favorite Beagle themed finds? Sound off in the comments below!



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